Cadillac Dave & His Chicago Redhots

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Cadillac DaveIf the Blues had a baby and they named it Rock’n’Roll, then this band would be the inter-racial grandchildren to the genre. Each member of this tight and seasoned unit comes from their own diverse background, blending together a musical funk known as…Cadillac Dave and his Chicago Redhots.

Cadillac Dave and His Chicago Redhots have been performing as a national act for the past twenty years. The band was founded at the infamous Checkerboard Lounge where they played regularly three nights a week to the likes of Junior Wells, Dave Myers, Little Milton, Lefty Dizz and the rest of the "Checkerboard Lounge Posse.” It was here where Cadillac befriended his mentor - James Cotton. Cotton came in one night and took a liking to the young "Honeyboy" (as the women on the Southside called him). James soon took a young Cadillac Dave under his wing and taught him the fundamentals of Chicago Blues Harmonica and how to develop his own style. The rest was up to Dave.

Luke PytelCadillac's good blues fortune didn't stop there; he soon met Otis Rush who instructed him in the art of singing and leading the band. The two became good friends. Cadillac recalls nights at Buddy Guy's Legends, shooting pool at a private table with Otis Rush and Buddy Guy. It was a regular occurrence to be out on the town with Roosevelt “Booba” Barnes and Otis cruisin’ the town from club to club in his Cadillac.

Ronnie HicksBuddy Guy actually branded the "Cadillac" to Dave's name. On one particular afternoon at Legends, Buddy was looking for his club manager. Dave had a 1983 Sedan Deville with a powerful sound system that he parked behind Legends regularly. It was in this car that bootlegged copies of young musician compared their own performances to each other. It was because of these moments that Buddy, frustrated in not remembering Dave's name, but always knowing where his staff disappeared to, blurted out "Cadillac! Cadillac is in the parking lot!" The name forever took.

Kenny HamptonCadillac Dave and His Chicago Redhots play regularly at the House of Blues in Chicago (amongst other clubs). The band has grown over the past three decades and the faces have changed; always showcasing the best musical talent that Chicago has to offer, Chicago Redhots are always the best mix of “down to Earth” cats in the Chicago Blues Scene.

Ricky NelsonThe Chicago Redhots consist of: Luke Pytel (former Chico Banks apprentice) on guitar, Ronnie Hicks (Masheen Company Band) on keyboards, Kenny Hampton (Masheen Company Band) on bass and “Pretty Ricky” Nelson (formerly from the Koko Taylor Band) on the drums.

Cadillac Dave and His Chicago Redhots are perfect for your club, festival, corporate party or the perfect spice for your wedding...they are a Chicago Blues Festival within themselves. Long live Chicago Blues!