Cadillac Dave & His Chicago Redhots

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Photo Credits: Chris Monaghan 2011

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Chicago Redhot Photo
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Chicago Redhot Photo
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Cadillac Dave Promo
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Cadillac Dave Promo
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Cadillac Dave
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Cadillac Dave and His Chicago Redhots have been playing clubs, corporate events, festivals and other events for over fifteen years. Our experience and dedication to always providing professional entertainment for our audience is what makes our band stand out from the rest. If we didn't love what we do...we wouldn't be doing it. We know how to please our customers and fans!

Here is a list of some our most recent corporate parties and venues:

Illinois Parks & Recreation Dick Butkus Charitie's Variety Children's Charity International
Secretary of State Jesse White Taste of Chicago Wesmont Rib Fest
Google¨ Kraft Foods The Field Museum
House Of Blues City of Chicago
Mayors Office of Special Events
Infinity Broadcasting
Chicago Bulls Baird & Warner Realtors Slippery Noodle Inn
Tregaskiss Welding Products LexisNexis¨ Williams Architects & Associates
Chicago Tribune Corporation Fox Television Krannert Center
University of Illinois
Parade Magazine Adams Street Productions Big Creek Productions
B.L.U.E.S. on Halsted CBS2 Morning Show Turtle Wax, Inc.

We intend to please our customers and make our relationship one to build upon.


"We look forward to working with you again. Our crowd loves you guys."
- Wendy Dahm (Baird & Warner Realtors - Human Resources)

"Thanks to you and the Chicago Red Hots. I heard lots of positive feedback. I will indeed keep you in mind. May even have some opportunity here in San Fransisco."
- Patti Nicoletta-Shea (Shea & Associates)

"You made things easier on me...making the event great! People loved you guys. Thank you for working with me."
- Dave Bellamy (Tregaskiss Welding Products - Marketing Coordinator)